Spirited Woman Top 12 book pick listAfter starting her undergraduate program as a psychology major and finding the discipline incomplete, and later (after switching majors and a masters and PhD to follow) becoming an energy medicine practitioner, a yoga and meditation teacher trained in India, as well as living in Asia for 10 years to study subtle energies and meditation and yoga and Buddhism, Dr. Kay offers an integrated approach intentionally designed to address both the subtle & non-subtle energies (chi) in your physical body, subconscious, unconscious and conscious mind so you are more balanced & aligned with your flow of vital life force energies throughout your mind, body & spirit that then enables you to choose, act, create and live the life you desire!

What else is possible?

Dr. Kay offers an integrated approach designed to help you:


“After my first session with Dr. Kay I was hooked! Listening to her ThetaHealing™ for Success after signing up for her email newsletter was a new experience for me and after the 45 minute call my neck and shoulder pain had disappeared! I immediately signed up for more of this (Group ThetaHealing Tuesday pm Call w/mp3 recordingbecause it works!
These next 4 weeks there were 4 different calls and I listened to them while going to sleep, for someone like me that not only has a hard time falling asleep but also wakes up in the middle of the night…..these calls work! I can sleep and stay asleep all night long and also have the healing calls help me while I am sleeping. Anyway THANK YOU!!!
I fall sleep to these every night and I sleep like a ROCK!!
I don’t need to take my ‘stress & anxiety night time’ pill anymore.

PS. I will be back!

Thank you Dr. Kay:)

Much Love,
Denise Dominguez”


Dr. Alison J. Kay is an experienced natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body and spirit. She has spent ten years in Asia studying subtle energies, and has twenty years experience working in Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine and Holistic Health. Dive in and see what is possible for your life, health and well-being!

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