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What These Clearings & Activations Will Address:

  • These Clearings & Activations were created in 2018 during January’s second full moon, w/a lunar eclipse on 1/31/18
  • They are super-charged (really, really strong due to when these were created, so please be careful with the use of these!) with this Lunar Eclipse energy and focused on your money flows, and you allowing yourself to have more.
  • These Clearings and Activations address wherever you’ve been stopping up your money flows being Abundant due to unconscious and subconscious conditioning from this or any other lifetime that has caused you to use money against yourself
  • They get right to the root of worthiness, deservingness, rejection of self, disapproving of self as it relates with money, so that the end result is YOU ALLOWING YOURSELF TO FINALLY CHOOSE, CREATE, RECEIVE AND NOW MAGNETIZE TO YOU the flows of abundance & prosperity.
  • It’s a collapsing of the bridge allowing the lack mentality in anymore, and a closing up of you with your worthiness and sense of Self and wholeness in tact, your alignment in place, that your castle of you, where you honor the royalty you are and the abundance you are (we are) all meant to live in, becomes your new version of you with money.
  • One client with life-long challenges with the lack mindset no matter how much abundance and prosperity she had flowing in – said she finally felt whole, without the lack mentality gnawing at her, nor able to get in anymore.

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