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Meditation Instruction & Practice

This is one of Dr. Kay’s favorite things to teach because it teaches freedom – freedom from the demanding, racing monkey mind. Freedom to move beyond who you’ve identified yourself to be. She herself has been meditating for 22 years and teaching for 21 having received her yoga training and certification in India.

She will walk you through a 25 minute meditation session that is actually Buddha’s most frequently taught meditation.  This specific practice was developed by Buddha as a means to ground YOU into your body and NOT to space out with, but to ultimately create more presence in your body getting measurable results and benefits in your life because you’re more fully IN it!

In this recording Dr. Kay will also teach you the nature of the mind and how it is likely to react during meditation. She offers you sound, clear guidance on how to deal with what comes up, and how to refocus. She’ll debunk what meditation is not while helping you cultivate the Observer. Ultimately, you’ll experience this universal truth…that you are not your mind, it’s just your mind thinking in its habituated ways, which you can gain freedom from.