Chronic Colon Issues Fixed After First Visit

(For a woman coming to me with chronic colon issues and constipation that the doctors and medical tests had not been able to identify)

“So as an update for you here is some information on the effects after our session. Sorry this will be a little explicit given the issue we were addressing 🙂 Almost immediately after I got home from the session I had to use the bathroom for a bowel movement which never happens for me in the evening. When I woke up the next day i decided to stay home from work because I just felt low energy and not myself and I am so glad that I did! No kidding I must have had about 10 or 12 bowel movements so the energy was definitely clearing out old stuff. I woke up this morning feeling more energy than I have in awhile and also noticed that the tightness and pain in my hips, knees and ankles was gone! I’m so relieved! I am more than happy to be a testimony to the effectiveness of the energies you work with and the genuineness of the service you provide.  As a ‘newbie,’ so to speak, in this area of spirituality I am still learning what is from truth and therefore beneficial on my path and what is not. I am happy to provide validation to others in my position, as a guide for them and to support you in the services you provide.”

J.E. Clearwater, Florida