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NOTE: as of 2/1/14 Alison’s show is no longer with Voice America
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We are in the midst of a HUGE macroshift on our planet right now. 2012 was NOT a year of gloom and doom, but a year of rebirth for you to make the exact changes that your life needs in order to restore basic sanity, health, calm, positivity, hope, abundance and joy. FREE ENERGY CLEARINGS ARE A PART OF EVERY SHOW TO HELP YOU. A focus on the energies of 2012 and how it affected our thoughts, feelings, bodies and lives was also central to my show.
Through my guests, and your call-ins, I addressed your concerns – helping you to understand that within the mind, body and spirit model is the key – holistic living. Holistic living means creating a lifestyle that is comprised of daily behaviors and choices from an overall mental and feeling tone that supports our well-being, health, joy and abundance from our connection with our higher selves and the unlimited potential in the higher realms supporting us in the transformative year of 2012 and beyond!

Previous Show Guests:

Bruce Lipton – Brent Phillips – Krishna Das – David Wolfe – Jacqueline Joy – Dr. Susan Shumsky – Dr. Amit Goswami – Dr. Bernie Siegel – Daniel Vitalis – Lynn Andrews – Colin Tipping – George Lamoureux – Frances Moore Lappe – Dr. Alan B Wallace – Jagadish – Kellianna – Jerry Greenfield – Patricia Kaminsky – Mark Borax – Dr. Moody – John Robbins – Dr. Jelusich – Dr. William Tiller

From Access Consciousness: Dr. Dain Heer – Ricky Williams & Lisen Bengtsson – Simone Milasas – Katherine McIntosh – Shannon O’Hara – Curry Glassell


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Hey Alison…
I just wanted to drop a line and tell you that I listen… and re-listen :) to your show every week on 7th wave. I absolutely Love You! You are the reason I found a energy healer in my area. The change has been pretty incredible. Your show is by far the best on the station. Very positive And informative. I hope you have a great weekend.
Ralph Anastasio