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Thank you for purchasing the Emboldened Heart Special Offer for Dr. Alison J Kay

“Your Sensitivity Is Your Power” Four-part Telecall Series plus Bonuses

sensitivity is your power



 Twelve (12) mp3 recordings of four (4) in depth training calls.  Each 90-minute call was split into three (3) parts which include: Instructional, Q&A, and Clearings and Activations

Call #1 – Unconscious pattern #1 & Clearing it & Activating Your Power

Call #2 – Unconscious pattern #2 Transforming it & Activating Your Power

Call #3 – Integration & The New You (*Alison’s Note: Call #3 Track 1 was the most impactful – THE BIGGEST SHIFTER!)

Call #4 – Moving Forward, Empowered & Free

Each of the four 90-minute calls in the series are broken up into 3 parts.

Part 1 is the advanced instructional part where Dr. Alison gives comprehensive, intuitive guidance that engages your conscious/cognitive mind providing the foundational part of the work that is to come. This instructional part is very layered & includes an energetic Vibrational UPgrade transmission.

Part 2 is the caller Q&A where she works with individual callers one on one. These callers represent the entire group so all will benefit from their participation.

Part 3 is the Clearings and Activations portion where Dr. Alison uses her gentle, soothing voice and unique version of verbal ThetaHealing™ to erase unconscious blocks, erroneous thought & belief patterns, and clear out trauma(s) that have lead to you absorbing uncomfortable levels of others’ energies. She then reprograms the negative to the positive and downloads activations for new desired behaviors & ways of BE-ing to become instantly and increasingly accessible. This particular mp3 can be looped and listened to repeatedly for deeper levels of clearing.


BONUS ONE:  Third Chakra Attunement 2-part Download – Instructions and Clearings

BONUS TWO:  1-hour MP3 “ThetaHealing for Reversing Self-Sabotage Into Allowing For Your Success”



Recommended Listening for Optimal Effect

After having seen how far the results of this program have exceeded her expectations, Dr. Alison has a specific formula for listening to this that she feels will create the optimal effect.

Begin with listening to Bonus One, the 3rd Chakra mp3, then listen to each Call 1 and Call 2 all the way through (all 3 parts).  Daily listening of the clearings and activations in Part 3 is recommended and for every 3 times processing the clearings, go back to listen to that call’s Part 1 instruction as a way to go deeper.  After completing Call #2, then listen to Bonus Two, the ThetaHealing for Reversing Self Sabotage. Continue on and pay special attention to Call #3 as it was the biggest shifter of them all, and finally listen to Call #4 to complete your journey of renewal.

This new space, once filled with outdated beliefs & conclusions that blocked your energy flows, will now be open to flowing more energy and vitality so that the new thoughts coming in can be Observed and you have more freedom to choose what you actually desire. No longer will you feel locked into having to take on other’s stuff & absorbing their negative energy, or even taking responsibility for how they feel because you have moved into a new space with less density