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New Book Offers Ways to Battle the Game of Life

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Tony Cutillo, Publicist (267) 241-1669 +++ (Washington, DC) Dr. Alison J. Kay’s “Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy For Your Bliss: Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition” is being talked up as a game changer and available on Amazon with a new inspiring gift. By purchasing this book of inspiration you will receive …

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Amplifying Your Genius

  Click here to listen:   Amplifying Your Genius: Interview with Tina Brinkley Potts. During this full moon that is a supermoon weekend, where our moon the next day is going to be the closest it has been to the earth in 60 years and the closest it’s going to be to earth, says …

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Super Moon Monday Helps You Get Closer to What You Want

  This full moon is going to be one of the biggest, brightest and boldest we’ve seen for over 60 years – more than many of yours, and my, whole lifetime! – and won’t see again until 2 years after the bookmarked “end” date of Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening, that we are now in the midst …

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Alternative Medicine NBC interview

In case you missed this interview, here it is again!  This is huge! My publicist told me the NBC station – this is one of the 3 original and main networks in the States, pre CNN days – I was on is one of the biggest in the country, and so for it to allot …

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New Moon – Thoughts And Reflections

new moon 10/30 new cycle new intentions new new new! A new moon occurs on October 30th at 1:38PM New York time in Scorpio. Scorpio is more serious than Aries, the most serious of the signs, but new moons tend to be more positive, so we can approach serious matters in lighter ways, and have …

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Meditation Does Not Require a Silent Mind

Stuck? “Create space for something else to happen“. Dr. Alison Kay was recently featured in a live NBC Connecticut interview on meditation for everyone. Click below to watch and find out more. Also, if you have not already read her latest transformative book on Vibration UPgrades ( Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy For Your Bliss: Easing …

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New Moon in Libra, Honoring That Within

New Moon in Libra September 30th/October 1, depending where on earth you are!   It’s new seeds planting time, as all new moons are. You can pick up a suggestion I have for a ceremony with quartz crystal my reiki master and I did for years to plant the new intentions each new moon. Here’s …

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St. Pete Yoga Festival at Sunken Gardens – The Yogic Understanding of Bliss and Thriving

yoga festival sunken gardens

Dr. Alison will be speaking at this year’s St. Pete Yoga Festival on October 2nd.  She’ll be speaking from 11-11:40am on the North Lawn.  Her talk topic is “The Yogic Understanding of Bliss and Thriving” An Outdoor Festival at Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg to benefit: Embracing the World® This Family – friendly Community event …

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Special Encore Presentation: Energy and Consciousness: What are they really and what can they do for me?

  Special Encore Presentation: Energy and Consciousness: What are they really and what can they do for me? The word “energy” carries many connotations and “consciousness” is just beginning to be used, while in other cultures they are seen as the keys to health, vitality and well-being. They’re considered the foundation to a life full …

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Practical Mindfulness: Awareness and Tools for our Thoughts that say No! so We Can Continue to say YES!

  Practical Mindfulness: Awareness and Tools for our Thoughts that say No! so We Can Continue to say YES! How do we work with our thoughts? What do we do with doubts & fears, especially when they come up when we’re starting something new for ourselves, to increase our YES! to life, to having more …

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