Energy Gateway Activation Call with Alison Kay


Energy Gateway Activation Call with Alison Kay

Namaste Beautiful Beings!
On December 12th another ENERGY GATEWAY opened where we’re cleansing even more old and entering into even higher frequencies available for us to flourish and thrive! This time of increased OPPORTUNITY peaks around the Winter Solstice time and goes through until mid January.

In honor of this increased support, Alison is having a free call, followed by a special package for you to clear yourself of your old tendencies & energies & blocks to take advantage of this new higher frequency, higher than ever before!

Let Alison assist you to be best prepared for it to take the most advantage of these energies – that’s what this call is for!

Move into the New Year with a New You on our New Planet in our New World we’re creating together!

This free call and then the package offered are also perfect for those of you wanting more freedom and expansion for those around you who you love who are also saying YES to this, as a holiday gift.

This telecall is a Free Gift for those of you who are on Alison’s mailing list!!
Enter your email address below, for the info for the free call with clearings & activations to PURGE your system of the old density and ACTIVATE & ALIGN you with this increased LIGHT of EXTREME SUPPORT for us all to live and create the lives of love, ease, joy, abundance, health, cooperation, community, connection and well-being these times are ushering in!

The call will be on Wednesday evening December 18th at 9pm EST, 6pm PST

You must be on Alison’s email list to receive the call in details which will go out a few hours before we gather. See you on Wednesday! Namaste!!