Your Sensitivity Is Your Power-Emboldened Heart Special Offer

Have you been told you’re “over-sensitive”?  Do you feel weighed down by the burden of being around other people so then you hide away so you don’t have to interact with others? Have you noticed that you’re naturally empathic and want a better understanding of why you may be that way and how you can live with your gift with much more ease and comfort?

It’s now time to finally allow the brilliance of your sensitivity to emerge and shine, rather than that old, heavy version just described above.  It is entirely possible to do this in a way that is more comfortable for you, while you allow yourself to shine now more than ever before!


Dr. Alison J Kay has a unique understanding into the nature of the human mind, it’s habits and its beliefs – the fun and the not so fun ones.  After working with thousands of people around the world, both as a meditation and yoga teacher and an energy medicine practitioner, she has found that this is especially true with the foundational energetic patterns behind “sensitives.”

She has what others have called “hawk eyes” where she’s able to get right to the root of issues & blocks. From her potently attuned intuitive guidance, she senses what is going to set you free, and then clears things in a way that further activates, then “downloads” access to new healing vibrations thus delivering your Vibrational UPgrade!


“Just one hour with you with these clearings and that negative voice is gone! Especially those thoughts of criticizing myself. I mean it, and anytime it tries to come back, I just have to instantly say ‘oh no you don’t’ and it leaves. I told my daughter about you!” – B. J., Ontario, Canada


 “Alison do you recognize what you’re doing? You’re enlightening people! You’re raising their vibration to levels of enlightenment. I tested & calibrated it. In one hour! And they’re staying there, 5 out of 8 of them!” T.M., Seminole, Florida

Note: The above is not Dr. Alison’s claim, it is feedback from a student/client who has attended previous calls & received clearings much like what will be offered in this series


The “Your Sensitivity Is Your Power” teleseries is for you if you see yourself in at least 3 of these descriptions:


  • You know you actually take on other people’s stuff, more than just worrying about them

  • Your energy levels are lower than you’d like them to be, or they go up and down quite sporadically

  • You don’t seem to be able to effectively say what you mean with others, although you do fine with your rehearsals ahead of time, or when alone

  • You consider yourself co-dependent, or know you have co-dependent relationships energy boundaries

  • You sometimes may feel as if you’re a victim to this world and others

  • You often hold yourself back or close yourself down

  • You find yourself over-giving and you don’t know how to stop

  • You notice you hold onto extra weight and often have trouble with your digestive tract

  • You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, and want to feel like your old self again

  • You know you need to have better energetic boundaries

  • You want to dissolve the unconscious & subconscious parts of you that take on other peoples’ stuff as if it’s your duty in life

  • You want to feel supported instead of just being “the support”

  • You want help in opening your heart and quieting your mind


How This Teleseries Will Support You In Your Power


In this four-part teleseries, Dr. Alison will support you in re-framing what may have been previously perceived by you and told to you that sensitivity is your weakness.  You’ll be empowered to know how it’s actually your strength and your gift.  She’ll share a rarely mentioned and new understanding about why “sensitives” are this way that no one else is presenting; the kind of information that can set you free!


She’ll offer practical tips and tools that will help you take command over your own energy field, how to keep it clean, and how to better understand the dynamics of subtle energy and energy flows so you can work within the field you’re living more adeptly and with more ease and comfort.

  • You will be enveloped in a loving, high-vibrational and potent morphic energy field on the call which is activated to hold a nurturing, sacred space of comfort

  • Dr. Alison uses a gentle voice, that people have come to know and love, during her Clearings & Activations as she erases unconscious blocks, erroneous thought & belief patterns, and clears out trauma(s) that have lead to you absorbing uncomfortable levels of others’ energies

  • She then reprograms the negative to the positive and downloads activations for new desired behaviors & ways of BE-ing to become instantly and increasingly accessible

  • This new space, once filled with outdated beliefs & conclusions that blocked your energy flows, is now open to flowing more energy and vitality so that the new thoughts coming in can be Observed and you have more freedom to choose what you actually desire

  • No longer will you feel locked into having to take on other’s stuff & absorbing their negative energy, or even taking responsibility for how they feel because you have moved into a new space with less density

Dr. Alison will further share her unique understanding of which chakra(s) this pattern is related to and how that may also be affecting some other sensations in your body, even the shape of your physical body itself, and hear why you may crave certain foods and how to shift that.


The Daily Vibrational UPgrade

As a participant in this series you will benefit from what Dr. Alison’s field naturally does when she is working with folks – daily check-ins, with energetic or vibrational boosts to help you and your field stay clear so you don’t get clogged up from all that you’re releasing, and so you continue to move forward.

From the moment you register, you will be stepping into a sacred field charged up with the elegant and mystical energies that have already been created for this call. It’s a sacred, super-charged, morphogenetic field that will be building in its capacity to hold and transform each participant, the further we get into this call series.

It is often said that just being near Dr. Alison’s own potent high vibration alone is enough to shift you, and with this series, you will be immersed for over 6 hours during live calls alone, that’s a lot of change in a single month!

Dr. Alison felt the universe nudging her to create this call series for close to a year now. During that time she was finishing her second book and launching her new energy medicine trainings all of which has lead her to defining the information to be shared here.   So by choosing to be a part of these calls, you are benefiting from the sacred support that is already in momentum behind it all.

When you register for this series, you’ll receive:

~ Four 90-minute phone calls at 1pm EST on December 5th, 12th, 19th, & 26th (a $1000 value)

~ A daily Vibrational UPgrade remote energy blast – 8 hours total (a $650 value)

~Audio MP3 downloads of all four calls to re-listen over and over (a $200 value)


Third Chakra Attunement Download (a $50 value)

Dr. Alison wanted you to get a jump start on feeling more comfort and ease, so she’s included this $47 product & is gifting it to you within this program.

She recommends that you listen to this prior to the first call as it will get you started clearing out the main chakra responsible for the body’s empathetic patterns,

so you can gain more from the program.


All of this for less than the cost of a single 90 min. session w/Dr. Alison!



(Valued at $1900)


Prepare yourself to have the best family and social gatherings during this holiday season that are better than you’ve ever been before!  Create this new version of yourself for the New Year – where you’ll already be ON and humming away with your new vibration, creating your new life from your new Self.


*IMPT* Please review this Disclaimer before making your purchase