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The Clearings & Activation Series “Stop Stopping Yourself” MP3s


Radical Self-Love Audio Series


These gentle clearings have strong outcomes that will help you clear the resistance and self-sabotage right out of your unconscious & subconscious so that the lower ego-mind vibrations – where you are still trying to play small – are replaced with the higher vibrations of expansion, joy, love and ease and aligning you with higher vibrational thoughts/feelings/emotions.

This will clear out any of the blocks that typically keep you from grounding your presence down into your body, to fully be here, centered in your life in preparation for the UPgrade.  Then throughout the clearings and activations within this potent 3-part series, Dr. Alison will skillfully take the most common beliefs that you may be holding towards failure and not reaching your potential and turn them around into the positive – setting you up to fully embody being the active Co-Creator in all areas of your life.




Listening to these clearings and activations repeatedly will have a cumulative effect with opening up your Co-Creator’s channel with the relevant frequencies so that your new vibration and new life await you.

Multiple listenings are recommended including listening on an overnight loop at low volume.




Part 1 Clearings – DOWNLOAD HERE 

Part 2 Clearings – DOWNLOAD HERE

Part 3 Intro Talk – DOWNLOAD HERE


The 60 minute talk is meant to help integrate, activate further, and direct the energy – or consciousness – released from the Thetahealing™ Clearings of your blocks to move you forward quicker.

When the conscious mind hears the clearings, it gives the conscious mind something to use as a benchmark, as these energies cleared and released are subtle energy, so the changes are subtle (i.e. better quality sleep, better quality energy, less touchy when in situations that normally trigger you, more patient, lighter, more peaceful and calm, more organized, more action taken to manifest what one desires instead of procrastinating behavior…) and if the conscious mind knows more what to look for, then that helps perpetuate and create bigger changes and shifts, quicker.

Thetahealing™ is not a prayer. It is a system of healing based on Quantum Physics,’ including the discovery of The Observer Effect, which Dr. Kay writes extensively about in her book, What if There’s Nothing Wrong? This is why you’ll hear Dr. Kay say, “show me” at the end of each clearing.

You will want to listen to the clearings over and over again. You may not hear all of them audibly at first. In fact, you may feel that Dr. Kay is mumbling or the volume is too low. That is your conscious mind hitting one of your blocks. Frequently, people report hearing some of these clearings for the first time after listening for 30 days.



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