Stabilizing and Resetting You!

Stabilizing and Resetting You!
Chakra Balancing Holidays/Solstice/New Year Special


This isn’t just about you – this desire you’re feeling to shift into something new.

As our planet & the masses now within humanity continue to awaken, there has been more darkness, karma, density and unconscious trauma, hurts, fears, grief, pain and suffering that was shoved down into your tissues, coming up to the surface. It looks like chaos and crisis, and a massive reassembling of who holds the power.

This is all coming up to the surface to clear, so you – and we all – can move forward into a more evolved, awakened global community.

During this Awakening time, what has also occurred is that you have become more open, yes? And this has included your sensory machinery, including your intuitive senses of how others are feeling, too. So if you combine these two factors together, it can ensnare you into holding onto more darkness, heaviness or feelings of despair that things will never change – that is not even yours!

So with this awareness, you now need tools and processes that can be done on and within your mind/body/spirit system and throughout your life, that will ease all of this up. Yes?

Not only will we ease all of this up for this new version of your Awakened Self, but my Vibrational Upgrade™ that I created after living in Asia for 10 years studying subtle energy and another 18 of research into the psychology of change and the human potential movement and cutting edge science of the human trinity of the mind/body/spirit system and what causes it to thrive, will activate your system to help you take advantage of the nature of these times, and all the goodness and well-being, abundance and prosperity, health and vitality, comfort and stability, grace and ease free from the old constraints that wants to be allowed into your field and your life!

There is SO much coming available now, that lies behind the break-down of the old.

But it’s your choice on what you invest your time, attention, energy, money and life-force into. That which is breaking down, or do you choose to courageously step forward into the new that you sense is calling you forward?

Well we can help you even more today, with this holiday special!

See, I asked my Guidance what else is becoming possible now, and how else does it get any better than this, and what else do the people who are guided to Vibrational UPgrade™ desire and require at this point right now, as we move into the Winter Solstice, and this next year of 2018?

And it was to offer this: not only do you get to have the complimentary breakthrough blast chat, but you also get to have some energy medicine that will bolster you getting cleared & activated there on the spot during this call, to assist you to see how you can actually feel, to get that shift for you that you’re most requiring in your life started now.

You are meant to feel good, light, hopeful and supported! Yet the nature of our times right now, amongst the masses out there, there seems to be a bigger overlay of struggling, suffering, and things “getting worse.”

So get yourself shifted back into the flow of that Support, so your creativity, your intuition, your life force, your juiciness can all get flowing again!

I’ve not ever offered this before. I have never, ever, had the guidance to give my time away for free. Instead, my guidance since returning from Asia after that decade of living there and being immersed in that holistic system that comes from the paradigm of energy comes before matter and therefore energy and what composes energy and flows energy is more important than physical matter, I have always been guided to price my time above the market, because part of what I am doing is professionalizing this understanding and valuing of energy.

And what energy is composed of, and moved or stagnated by, includes your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and fears.

So let’s get you cleared and activated today!

Normally, 60 minutes with me is frankly getting increasingly costly, and decreasingly offered, as there is an increasing clamoring for my work to get out to more people, to assist even more robustly now as we really are in the throes of Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening and the actual results that my Vibrational UPgrade™ system gets people, are increasingly needed.

So the fact that you’re getting this offer at 97$ instead of the 300$ (actually priced without an inflation to that figure) is because I can feel there’s those of you out there who are really asking for this.

And in order to field this increasing demand, my #1 Master Level Student of Vibrational UPgrade™ energy medicine – and closest friend, referred to as “my sister from another mother” who I’ve had be the one to pick me up from the airport each time I return from a power spot, or a VIP retreat taking clients to sacred sites around the world, or a retreat taking my Vibrational UPgrade™ Masterminders on their retreat, activating them at sacred sites & power spots – is also stepping up to increase this offering getting to more people. Claire has also been the one to step up and offer her time, money and energy to fly herself out to LA to provide the support when I spoke at the LA Conscious Life Expo each year, as well as been the one helping me on those early weekend morning yoga and holistic health & wellness outdoor events and expos (in fact, that’s where she met me, receiving from me at a wellness expo!) offering alongside me these exact chakra balancing mini-treatments that you’re being given the opportunity to receive here at such a drastically reduced investment in your well-being.

So yes, it’ll be somewhat a lottery as to which person you end up receiving from, myself or Claire. And those of you who are meant to be with me, I trust will be, and those of you meant for Claire will get to her.  From this balancing of your mind, body and spirit, you will likely notice one or all of the following:

• You will be shifted, a reset button activated for you.

• Your system will be more stabilized.

• You will feel more sufficiently equipped to proceed about your life, the holidays and our changing world more robustly, with a self-containment that increases your well-being.

• You will be less triggered by the small, erratic disturbances, whether in technology or others.

• You will be reconnected to Source, the Universe, the Divine Flow – however you refer to it.

• You will feel lighter

• You will feel freer

• You will have more clarity about how to move you and your life forward

• You will have more clarity about how best to take advantage of these times

• You will have a plan outlined for you to move forward into more abundance, fulfillment, meaning and success.


You can get more of a sense of this in the stories I’ll share below:


ajk-logo-symbolKeith, was raised by all women, and was made to feel ashamed about his manhood and desires.  This led to attracting controlling women just like his mother.  Now today, he is allowing himself to be open & receptive to a new type of woman, and yes even attract more of his ideal women, forge a new career based on his interests and abilities and realize self-love by being connected to Source.  His kids say, “Dad, now you’re so happy these days!” He says, “Alison you’re a master at your craft!”



ajk-logo-symbolJenny, came to me feeling unsupported by her family; she had chronic lower back pain and shoulder tightness; and even though wealthy, still had money worries around business deals not going through. Once we cleared the unconsciousness within her mind-body connection, she was able to feel worthy of receiving, open up and allow herself to receive support, create and receive the benefits – more than just money, i.e., ease, supportive & better opportunities, freer colleagues – from major business deals that usually would have been met with a lot of delays and difficulties, but instead went through smoothly as Jenny had also been opened & activated to listen to her intuition increasingly, to make the changes in a timely way so all would go smoothly, free of self-doubt, sabotage and procrastination from having expected the worst or a problem or delays etc.



ajk-logo-symbolNancy, went from newly divorced, directionless, cut off from friends and totally depressed to discovering her dream job in both money & fulfillment of helping others and digging what she does, meeting a wonderful man and attracting more friends than she ever had before.  She’s now radiating joy and allowing herself to receive good things instead of expecting problems. Additionally, Nancy now is able to mindfully Observe negative self-talk and detach as she easily redirects her focus back to feeling good – because she now knows she can also feel good, and that it is, in fact, more normal than to feel bad, from the new energy patterns I opened up in her that are inherently there, and the reconnection to the higher vibrations calibrated to unconditional love & well-being – once cleared of the old traumas, unconscious beliefs & programming that had been running her stystem – and had had her creating her life as if she had no control over what showed up.


ajk-logo-symbolAlisa, went from owning and working within her  busy medical practice, recently divorced with 4 kids, and worried about supporting her kids, her future and still make her business thrive to now stepping into alignment with faith and trust. She’s now making choices that feel free instead of being burdened with worries, and doubts about what she thinks is possible actually being able to be created, because she can feel the lightness of hope in an embodied way now, rather than a talking, nattering, worried monkey mind perched atop a neck & body.  So she’s also been able to choose more of what she’s actually interested in, as well as engaging in more self-care, so that she can re-create medical practice in a way that nurtures both her patients and her, while delivering her genius in a way that is more functional and effective for all.


ajk-logo-symbolJim, a wine salesman in his 60’s went from having a struggling business into a business where sales started to happen almost on autopilot.  His team members picked up on this new energy and all their sales began to increase too. We cleared and transformed his unconscious and conscious beliefs locked into the potentially dominant focus on the old & outdated LACK paradigm, and activated his connection to the ABUNDANCE  paradigm so he is now aligned with Source, and from there money flows. Seriously, yes! This was during a group program, where everyone else also reconnected & had their own money breakthroughs. This is in fact one of the easy ones for me to do.


Since I have been working with Alison in her Magic, Manifestation & Money Flow Group, I literally have become a new person. I initially came to Alison to help me in the creation of my life coaching and reflexology business. I am a totally blind business entrepreneur struggling with many money obstacles. In the third week of working with Alison, I received a $10,000 grant to help my business start-up. Amazing!! My thought process of money has changed within this program. I no longer obsess about where my money is coming from and why I never have enough of it. The greatest shift is when Alison began to clear the generational energies and traumas around money… this is when I felt the burdened weight lifted off my shoulders.

There is so much more that Alison is addressing other than money in this program. She really looks at you from a holistic make-over. Alison has a gift for healing and such a love for those she works within shifting energy. The honor was all mine in working with her. With Alison’s guidance and energy work it became clear to me that there is a bigger world outside the blindness community that I can tap into and not feel guilty for it.  I am so much more than just a blind person stuck in a blind world.  Wow, what a new lease on life Alison gave me!”

– Teresa Glenn, Chicago, IL


Are you ready to receive these kinds of results in your  life?

What I’ve seen is that only the people who are really ready to finally get out of their own way find me.  

So congratulations for being here and reading this….



Here’s your next step


I’d like to invite you to apply for this Special Offer.

In this 60 minute Holiday Special, we will:

• Discuss your most burning challenge in your life today

• We’ll uncover the core unconsciousness behind your blocked pattern

• We’ll outline the exact next steps you need to take to break through

• And, if it seems like a fit, I may invite you to work with me personally in one of my programs.

This is for you IF:

• You’re at point in your life where you know you have to make a change and you’re not willing to go on any longer sitting in your suffering.

• You’re coachable and willing to invest time and resources into your transformation.

• You know more is possible for you in this lifetime and you recognize the magical times we are living in you want that magic in your life.

This is NOT for you IF:

• You’re not ready for a high level of support and the commitment required.

• You’re committed to being a victim instead of the creator of your life, and think that one call or one person is going to solve all your problems for you.

• You’re not ready to invest into yourself or own your own power, and wouldn’t even consider committing to a program of transformation.

You’re only looking for a cheap, quick, one-off rebalancing, because this is a process that we can start today, should you accept this mission. Do you accept?


If you know this opportunity is calling to you now, click the apply now button below.



These spaces will sell out. There are a real limited number of them. If you feel the yes, I strongly suggest you do it now before they’re gone.