Align With the New Paradigm and UPgrade Your Vibration So You Can Empower Your Prosperity Now


A LIVE Energy Activation &

Clearing Call with Dr. Alison J. Kay

During this free call, you will ENTRAIN to Dr. Alison’s high vibrational energy through her words – and effortlessly tap into your own HIGH VIBRATIONAL state.

Join Alison LIVE Thursday, December 27th at
9:00 PM NY time | 6:00 PM LA time | 2:00 AM London time

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alison-logoWhen your ENERGY is ALIGNED with what you desire, everything flows more easily...

But when you are BLOCKED or out of alignment, it can feel like you're slogging through the mud - with little-to-no results to show for all your hard work! 

You don't need more marketing strategies or positive affirmations.

(These have their place, but they can only take you so far...)

What you need is an energetic 'tune-up' to SHIFT your vibration out of fear, resistance and whatever is keeping you stuck and ALIGN you with the MONEY and MANIFESTATION MAGIC that is waiting for you.

That's exactly what this LIVE Energy Activation and Clearing call is designed to do.


Join me, Dr. Alison J Kay...

You are invited to JOIN this FREE CALL with me to RECEIVE SACRED and powerful ENERGETIC TRANSMISSIONS that will UPgrade your vibration to more manifestation magic & money flow!  During this call, you will ENTRAIN to my high vibrational energy through my words – and effortlessly tap into your own HIGH VIBRATIONAL state.

Sign up for the next live call at 9 pm NY time hosted on the last Thursday of each month.  When you sign up today, you'll get access to the previous replay INSTANTLY which is always recommended for repeated listening and SUSTAINING your new high vibration.

These transmissions will help to free up your blocks and CLEAR your ENERGETIC FLOW allowing your consciousness to come forward to co-create more and more of what you want without limitations.

All live phone listeners have the possibility of receiving spotlight, laser clearings & activations and get personalized support.


This is for you if…

  • You know you are meant to THRIVE, but lately you’ve been feeling stuck (and you can’t seem to figure out why… or how to get un-stuck!)
  • You want support to sustain a HIGH VIBRATION, so you can continuously attract everything you desire (ideal clients, financial abundance, health, clarity, love…)
  • You’re ready to move through any fear, resistance or SELF-DOUBT that are standing in the way of your success and service to the world
  • You want to get out of your thinking mind and drop into your HEART, where true wisdom, clarity and inspiration are waiting to be unlocked
  • You sense that your next big leap will come through an ENERGETIC SHIFT not from more strategies, striving and hard work!

Sign up for the FREE Group Clearing + Vibrational UPgrade Call and join us.

Ready to Align Your Vibration and Activate Your Freedom and Prosperity?

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"I am so glad I found Dr.Alison J. Kay when I was suicidal & homeless! I only listened to her free call & its recording a few times & have made an incredible transition! My family cannot believe how much healthier & lighthearted I am!!!  I am now enrolling in the weekly calls so I can be invincible in all ways!! Dr. Kay is the very best thing that has ever happened to me!!! Your free audios have upgraded me to a high quality apartment & I'm paying a reasonable amount for it! Thanks for saving my life! I am so honored. This is so philanthropic of you!."
- Zhi Bell / Fayetteville, NC

"I listened to your live show the other night and wanted to reach you to tell you that I received some kind of healing. And thank you! I feel so much better, for the most part. I was really surprised and am rather excited about it because it is unbelievable! So I had a left arm thing going on and it was a pain in the center of my arm between my shoulder and elbow area. And in the morning when I would wake up - it would be sore. Well after I listened to your show the other night (thurs) when I woke up on Friday morning - boy was my arm sore in fact it was more than usual - but the pain had moved substantially down and was right above my elbow area and I could hardly move it as it hurt so much. But I knew that things had changed and I felt good about it. So I went back to bed and (took an aspirin) and when I woke up again - it was better and now it feels better and I don’t wake up with a pain in my arm. I am so grateful- it is incredible."  -Brenda F. / Canada

Thank you so much for taking my call last night, that was absolutely amazing to hear somebody agree with me that what I’m going through is real that I actually can Channel spirits and what they want me to do that angels are truly all around me and there is something amazing inside me that is screaming to get out thank you so much for bringing that to light I look forward to working with you soon much love and blessings.”  – M. S. / Texas

“Alison is the REAL DEAL ya’ll! I seriously can’t say enough good things about the energy magic her Theta Healing mp3s have worked on me, so I HIGHLY recommend everybody sign up for her free calls. 🙂 You’ll definitely want more afterwards so just say YES!!!” – Jaclyn Smith (Facebook post)

"Emotionally and mentally, I have felt so much more at peace and balanced - I am not triggered as much or really at all by my kids, other family members, or events. There is just an overall sense of calm that I feel.  The coaching she does on our calls as well has helped me to become aware of my old patterns and to help me move through them. I used to be so anxious and controlling with how things went in my life, and I don’t feel the pull to react like that any more.  Physically, I feel like I can breathe more; both like there is more space in my rib-cage to breathe and also that there is less weighing on me.Two years ago we tried to sell our condo and couldn’t, and 3 weeks ago we put our condo on the market and got 8 offers over the weekend! Accepted an offer above asking price and closed this past week and the sale was easy and stress-free!"
- Lesley L. / Atlanta, GA

“Alison, I was deeply moved by the Thursday night call. It felt like the profound and lengthy gift you gave everyone was just for me. It was powerfully clear that your focused energy was coming from a true desire to help, heal, and liberate. I am still at a loss for words. Thank you.”  – L.M. / Tampa

"What an amazing experience last night listening to Dr. Alison! For the past ten years I have been focused on mind, body, spirit connection and energy work. I have read books,attended workshops at The Kripalu Center and Omega Center and had so many wonderful opportunities to meet and work with energy healers, mediums and intuitives. When I first learned about remote healing I was skeptical and resistant. Last night I truly knew without a shadow of a doubt that it really works and makes sense. Energy has no boundaries or limitations so when you are opened and let go it just flows and boy did it flow! I could feel the clearing from my toes all the way to my crown. It was fluid and easy. My heart Center was so open and filled with such love that I couldn’t stop smiling, it felt as though the universe (God) whatever your belief was focused on me! I am so grateful to have found Dr. Alison J Kay and this wonderful group. And I highly recommend listening to her calls. Have a great day everyone, I know I will!"– Carla K. (Facebook post)

“Dear Alison, Hello! I've been meaning to write to you for months and months, as I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our conversation a year and half ago, and how much that one conversation so profoundly changed my vibration. It "lasted" about six months, which was phenomenal. Of course I have tapped back into it many times since, but what was so interesting was how sustained it felt.  I also listened to several of your calls in the subsequent months, so thank you for that. I appreciate your emails and look forward to listening to more calls." - Matthew L. / Wales

About Alison J Kay…

alisonDr. Alison J. Kay is an Award-Winning Energy Healer, #1 International Bestselling Author, and the Founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System. Her more than 20 years of experience includes yoga, meditation, chi gong, energy medicine, mind body fitness, longevity and holistic health – with a specialized focus on the chakra system. She is considered one of the leading experts on using the chakra system as the road map for thriving in mind body and spirit.


Dr. Alison is known for facilitating outrageously rewarding energy medicine sessions for clients worldwide – which has earned her the nickname “lightning bolt,” due to the voltage behind her vibrations that she then uses on behalf of her clients. She has a particularly unique ability to have people feel safe almost instantly – and with this trust, the process of opening up to one’s highest potential can begin.